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Hello, I’m Serena, Founder of AppingEasy!

The idea of creating low-cost apps for small-medium sized business owners came to me when I was looking for app creation for one of my own businesses, and was quoted around £25,000 by all three companies I approached, which was a huge cost that I just could not justify.

When seeking alternatives I felt blessed that I had in depth technical skill to be able to create my own app that I had gained from experiences of building, developing and coding websites for clients of Glow Virtual Assistants.

However, I couldn’t help but wonder how others would create their own app with this lack of knowledge and expertise, so I decided to research into any other alternatives to spending £25k – but unfortunately I found very little in the way of lower cost app development, that delivered a fully published business app that was unique and branded to individual businesses.

As a result, I then found myself creating and publishing a wide variety of tailored business apps for clients of Glow Virtual Assistants.

You see, there seems to be services out there to allow people to build and publish their own apps at low cost, but there is so much technical knowledge and skill required, that this makes it extremely difficult and virtually impossible for individuals to build and publish an app independently without assistance.

And on the other end of the spectrum, many app development companies charge in excess of £10,000-£40,000+ to develop and publish a customised business app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store (and even charge extra for making any changes to the app as required).

This sort of cost is unthinkable for many small and medium sized businesses who want to create an app for their business, and thus be able to get straight into the pockets of their existing and potential customers, and in front of them in one tap!

So, I wanted to provide a simple-but-effective service that offered that middle-ground approach – a fully published custom business app that the user can easily edit themselves once delivered.

Is this type of app development service what you are looking for to create a custom app for your business that won’t break the bank?

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